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How clean energy is generated

The sun heats the Earth unevenly. When a warm air mass goes up, cold air masses replacing it cause winds. We use wind to generate eco-friendly electricity.

The Botievo Wind Farm with the capacity of 200 MW is the largest wind farm in Ukraine. In 2012, DTEK commissioned first wind turbines of the advanced wind power plant supplying Ukrainian households
with clean energy every day.

The Botievo Wind Farm has a significant environmental impact. Each year of farm’s operation reduces pollutant emissions by approximately 730 thousand tonnes of CO2.
This equals to the emissions from 365,000 of cars each year.

20 years of the wind farm’s operation can save 34.8 mln tonnes of coal required for coal-fired power generating units.

This amount of coal piled up in one place would be as big as Mount Hoverla of 2,061 m high.

The Botievo Wind Farm operates
65 turbines manufactured by Danish producer Vestas.

Vestas is the oldest manufacturer
of wind turbines in Europe.

V112-3.0 turbines installed at the Botievo Wind Farm
are one of the latest developments of Vestas.

The Botievo Wind Farm is the most advanced wind farm with the highest capacity in Ukraine.
The Botievo Wind Farm is among five top onshore wind farms of the Central and Eastern Ukraine.

The area   swept by the blades of one turbine is 1 ha,
which is approximately equal to the area of football pitch.

The height of a turbine tower is 94 m,
which is only 1 m less than the height
of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The total height of the structure is 149 m,
which is practically the same as that
of Cologne Cathedral.

windmill windmill shadow liberty shadow keln shadow football shadow
How a wind turbine is erected

It is not easy to hold vertically such a high structure as a wind turbine. Foundation calculation is an important task for the installation of wind turbines. The Botievo Wind Farm’s foundation was arranged with due regard to all local specific features and risks. Each turbine foundation is supported by 16 piles. Some piles penetrate to the depth of 28 m, which is equal to the height of a nine-storey building. The erection of one turbine required 115 tonnes of reinforcement and 1,000 cubic metres of concrete.

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"The blade is 55 m long, which is longer than nine Tesla model S sedans arranged in a line"

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How the turbines were delivered to Ukraine

The turbines were delivered from Germany to Ukraine by sea. This international cargo was the largest ever delivered to the Mariupol sea port. Apart from technical complexity, the incredible accuracy of loading/unloading was required and the delivery of turbine components to the construction site was one more great challenge.

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How wind generates

Wind energy rotates wind turbine blades fixed to a nacelle rotor. The rotational energy is transferred from the rotor to a gearbox, which, in turn, rotates a permanent magnet generator where mechanical power is converted into electricity.

The level of noise produced by a wind turbine within a radius of 350 m is 35 dB, which is comparable with the level of noise produced by an average office.


The generated electricity is transferred to a converter that converts an alternating current of different frequencies into an alternating current of commercial frequency.


A step-up transformer positioned in the nacelle increases the voltage from 650 V up to 35 kV and through high-voltage cables laid in the wind turbine tower the electric current is transmitted to a switch gear in the lower section of the tower.

By 2015, Vestas Company has supplied more than 50,000 wind turbines to more than 70 countries: apart from Ukraine, to Germany, the United States, Denmark, India, Spain, the Netherlands, and China.


The long life and efficiency of Vestas V112 turbines have been proven in different environments and conditions. These wind turbines are capable of maintaining their high productivity even in desert and in the Far North.

Electricity is collected at a power gathering transformer substation where the voltage is converted from 35 kV to 150 kV and then
the electricity is transmitted to a central distribution station.


Electricity is transmitted to the central distribution station of the Botievo Wind farm from where it is delivered to the Ukrainian grid.

Year Output,GWh СО2 emission reduction, ths tons

The Botievo Wind farm with the capacity of 200 MW is maintained by about 20 people.

To generate the same amount of electricity Ukrainian thermal power plants would need 225 people, which is 12 times more.

The capacities of modern wind farms double each three years. Renewable power has become part of our future.

The commissioning of DTEK’s first wind farm is a real contribution to the energy independence of our country.

To sum it up

The Botievo Wind Farm is the first wind farm of the DTEK Renewables.

In 2019, we commissioned 2 stages of the Primorska WPP (200 MW) and the Orlivska WPP (100 MW) also in Zaporizhzhia region.
They all are an investment in the energy security of our country, new jobs in the innovation sector, and a real contribution to the improvement of the environment in Ukraine.

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